Sunday, March 19, 2006

Updated Cherry Blossoms

The Daily Yomiuri reported a couple of days ago on the "cherry blossom prediction wars". The government Kizocho (meteorological agency) is now predicting that in Tokyo the trees will be blooming around March 22 (this coming Wednesday). However, Weather News, a for-profit company that has only been doing this for four years, is predicting that they won't be blooming until about March 25 or later, and around March 29 in Kashiwa (not far from here). Their map is very cool, very interactive and detailed, but how accurate is it? Stay tuned...

I'm going to have to shift my "reference tree" from down near Teganuma to one in front of Abiko Junior High School. I'm just not getting down to Teganuma often enough.

The weather this week is going to be iffy, with rain off and on, and it has been windy enough the last three days to affect the trains, resulting in lots of inconvenienced commuters. If this weather keeps up, we won't get much of a cherry blossom season here around Tokyo this year.


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