Saturday, March 11, 2006

Teganuma Cherry Blossoms, 3/11

One of the joys of living anywhere is the rhythm of the seasons, and the Kanto area has a very agreeable climate with wonderful changes. You'll lose few arguments staking out a position on the flowering of spring as the best here. If I were a poet, I'd be in heaven today, with a beautiful, warm, truly sublime spring day (my father-in-law said it felt like May).

It seems consistently slightly cooler here in Abiko than in Tokyo itself, so I'll bet on cherry blossoms around March 28. Here are two pictures taken today at Teganuma, the local lake. You can see there's a big range in how far they have progressed; most of the trees are at the slower end of this range. I'll try to post regular pictures here so you can see the progress.


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