Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Beer-Pouring Robot

Apparently I'm the last person in Japan to know this, but Asahi is running a promotion. They are giving away 5,000 robots that pour your beer for you. Follow the link, and click on "PLAY" at the top (written in English), and it will pop up a Real Player video of the robot doing its thing, or the "PLAY" next to the smaller images will run short clips.

The robot has a refrigerator built into its body, big enough to hold six cans of beer and two mugs. When you push the button, it gets out a beer, pops the top, and pours it for you.

I don't even drink beer, and I want one of these.

The comments here and here are hilarious.

If I have this right, you need 36 seals from "participating cans", send them in, and they'll pick the winners by lottery.

Apologies for the low-quality pics, they were grabbed with my cell phone from an ad hanging in a moving train.


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