Sunday, September 17, 2006

Security at Narita

Speaking of security, is there really a gaping hole at Narita Airport, here in Japan? When you go to check in for an international flight, the first thing that happens is that your luggage is x-rayed. Then they give it back to you -- and you haven't been scanned yet. Yeah, they put a sticker on it, but who's that going to stop? Then you stand in line for half an hour, give them your luggage again, and it disappears into the bowels of the system somewhere. There would be plenty of time to slip something into your suitcase while waiting; in fact, I've done it (just a book and umbrella I decided I didn't want to carry to the plane). I have asked, and been told that bags are not x-rayed again once they are taken from you; I don't know for certain if that is true or not.


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