Sunday, September 17, 2006

More Random Japan News

(I'm just in that kind of mood.)

Thanks to Schneier's Friday Squid Blogging, squid ice cream (Ika Aisu), squid ink ice cream, and other kinds, including abalone (awabi). Reminds me of the time one of the Iron Chefs tried to make mackerel ice cream (which was not a big success).

Those Japanese centenarians I mentioned yesterday? 24,245 are women, and only 4,150 are men.

The Japanese justice system incarcerates 70,737 people, about 1 in 2,000 residents. In the U.S., the equivalent rate is about 1:140, with 2.2 million people locked up.

Prime minister-designate Shinzo Abe said he has no plans to reform the Imperial House Law and allow Princess Aiko to ascend the throne.

Japan recently launched a spy satellite, and it's creating more discussion about whether the laws restricting Japan's military need to be revised.


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