Friday, September 26, 2008

New Papers

It occurs to me that I'm behind in doing the obligatory paper dance, as our pontiff would say. All from collaborators, one already published and two new submissions:

  1. Byung-Soo Choi and Rodney Van Meter,
    Effects of Interaction Distance on Quantum Addition Circuits,
    available from the arXiv as quant-ph:0809.4317.

  2. Liang Jiang, Jacob M. Taylor, Kae Nemoto, William J. Munro, Rodney Van Meter, and Mikhail D. Lukin,
    Quantum Repeater with Encoding,
    available from the arXiv as quant-ph:0809.3629.

  3. W. J. Munro, R. Van Meter, Sebastien G. R. Louis, and Kae Nemoto,
    High-Bandwidth Hybrid Quantum Repeater,
    Phys. Rev. Letters 101, 040502, July 2008;
    available from the arXiv as quant-ph:0808.0307.
    Selected for Virtual J. Quantum Inf. 8(8), Aug. 2008.

More to come in the next couple of months, I hope, on both repeaters and arithmetic circuits; there is also a pile of systems work from last year's QEC conference and other places that needs to be polished up and submitted, as well as a stack of half-completed things...

...ah, for a trio of clones! Then one of us could teach, one could spend time with the family, one could do research, and one would have to do the drudge work. I suppose we'd have to rotate; I love all three of those first topics, but no one would want to be stuck with the paperwork forever :-).


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