Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Recruiting Students

At our campus, Ph.D. students are admitted twice a year -- to start in September or in April. Although the official title is the "Graduate School of Media and Governance", we have many high-quality students (and faculty!) working in a wide variety of technical areas, some of which are showcased in the fall each year. There is spectacular work on electric vehicles, bacterial computing, smart fabrics, ubiquitous computing, and on and on.

The Internet Research Lab, of which I'm a part, does a variety of things, including iCar, mobile systems, SOI, and more.

I supervise or co-supervise students in those areas, but I especially focus on:

  • Distributed Quantum Computing Systems (Japanese or English)

    • Architectures for quantum multicomputers

    • Quantum repeaters (physical simulation and especially network protocols and network architectures)

    • Quantum arithmetic

    • Entangled Quantum Internet

    • Quantum computer design tools

  • All-IP Computer Architecture

    • iSCSI

    • USB/IP

    • Caching in wide-area computer systems

    • IP-based system bus architectures

    • Security and resource management

    • Human-centric dynamic system architectures

At SFC, recruiting of Ph.D. students is done very carefully, and in a very personal fashion. Prospective students are expected to find a faculty member they wish to work with and discuss possible research plans before completing the application process.

It's already very late to be starting that process if you are interested in starting this September; the application deadline is in just a week or so. But if you, or a student or acquaintance of yours, is interested in studying almost any networking-related topic, or quantum computing systems, drop me a line and let me know.


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