Saturday, March 29, 2008


Today was graduation for the graduate school (the undergrads had theirs earlier in the week). This evening, Murai Lab and Tokuda Lab had a shared party for all our graduates. Congratulations to everyone, but especially to the seven newly-minted Ph.D.s:

  • funya
  • kwkt
  • yasu
  • ako
  • mitsuya
  • hitomi
  • yoko

We're all extremely proud of you (though I had little to do with the success of most of you, having been here only a year). We have an extraordinary variety of Internet-related theses this year, covering the gamut from "soft" uses of technology to "hard-core" networking: one on preservation of anonymity in medical systems, one on distance learning, one on mobile networking, one on RFID, one on improving the robustness of the packet forwarding plane of the Internet through appropriate tweaks to the routing protocols coupled with a mechanism for path selection...I'll try to post links to the theses later...

Apologies for the absolutely terrible pictures, taken with my keitai (cell phone) in low light and without the ability to tell how bad they are until I uploaded them. There were many real cameras present, I'm sure there are hundreds of good pictures floating around...

The present from the students to Murai-san was an effects pedal for his guitar, which was of course demonstrated.

For those of you still to come, I'm looking forward to the coming academic year, starting week after next.


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