Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fedora Core 6 on a Sony VAIO Type T Laptop

One of the most popular entries on my blog right now is the one on getting cpuspeed working right on a Linux laptop. I am almost done with my upgrade to Fedora Core 6 (FC6), and it was significantly painful. I'll give you the gory details in a few days (assuming I get around to it), but for the moment you probably need to know this: anaconda (the Fedora installer) sometimes installs the wrong kernel. My eventual solution involved installing the .src.rpm for the kernel and recompiling to get the p4-clockmod module to regulate CPU speed properly, but just as I was getting that process really under way a friend pointed out a note on livna.org which leads to the bug description.

I had considered removing the running kernel from my machine and installing (or just forcing) the right package off of the DVD, but worried that it had the potential to trash my machine, so I elected to do a kernel rebuild instead (always good practice, anyway). However, others are reporting that the remove and install works for them.

I also took the opportunity to do things like specify that the console resolution is 1280x768 on my machine, but AFAICT, that had no effect.

More later, but this may help somebody right away...


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