Sunday, October 30, 2005

Tatopani: Hot Water Jazz in Roppongi, 11/24

(This posting is primarily for readers in the Tokyo area, but if you're into jazz, you might want to find the CDs anyway.)

Robbie Belgrade is a pal of mine. We met a couple of years ago on the way to Kodo's Earth Celebration. Robbie's a professional jazz musician, playing percussion and woodwinds. He studied tablas under Zakir Hussain, one of the most influential tablas players in the world.

Robbie's band Tatopani (which means "hot water" in Nepali) will be playing a release party for their new CD "Azure" in Roppongi on 11/24.

I haven't heard this particular band; like most jazz musicians, Robbie plays with many groups. The times I've heard him play have been quite enjoyable. The instrumentation is often very "world music"; in addition to Robbie's tablas, pandeiro and assorted percussion, the leader of Candela plays the shakuhachi (Japanese flute), for example, but the tunes are mostly pretty straight up jazz. Makes for pleasant sounds outside the usual tonal palette. The bands have been pretty tight, and the solos thoughtfully constructed (and sometimes humorous).

Tokyo, in general, is a good place to hear live jazz. Come out and support live music. Hope to see you there...


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